Messenger-PRO - PC application to manage your entire messaging need
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Messenger-PRO is a standalone PC application with which you can manage your entire messaging need from your desktop in your office, home-office or laptop. It doesn't use a web browser. You simply click open the application and everything you need is there.

How Messenger-PRO can help you:
* Messenger-PRO includes a powerful address book, so you can keep the numbers of all your recipients, be they customers, colleagues, family or friends easily accessible and send to your whole database at the click of a button.
* You can also integrate Messenger-PRO with your Outlook address book, or import contacts and numbers via spreadsheets.
* There's a powerful merge facility which helps you to automatically individualize messages to your whole database of contacts in one easy step.
* Messenger-PRO offers you global SMS coverage with the ability to reach just about any mobile phone on earth.

Messenger-PRO makes sending your SMS messages via our gateway to any number of contacts, on any mobile phone, as simple as sending an e-mail.

For a detailed guide on how to use Clickatell Messenger-PRO, please download the Clickatell Messenger-PRO Help Guide.
What does it cost?

There's no charge for using Messenger-PRO. To send messages via Messenger-PRO you need simply to purchase message credits. The cost of these varies depending on the volume purchased, and the amount used per message depends on the destination.

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